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Aerial Mapping for Small Areas

Aerial Mapping services for small areas with fast turn-around, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

Acuvec CartocamTM Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system has the ability to quickly and inexpensively collect highly detailed data of smaller areas. Once data collection is complete, fast and automatic data processing allows for speedy end product deliveries.

UAV Aerial Survey Alberta

At the standard flying height of 150 meters above ground level we achieve a ground sampling distance (GSD) of 5cm.

TheCartocamTM System has some major advantages over traditional air photography. Due to its small dimensions the system is highly transportable. Mobilization is quick and the system is available on short notice. TheCartocamTM UAV typically operates below cloud coverage, making it less dependent on weather conditions.

Acuvec CartocamTM System consists of small airplane with autopilot and camera, software for flight mission planning and flight operations. In its autonomous mode theCartocamTM UAV autopilot controls the location-triggered image exposures with the help of on-board GPS and IMU.


Topographic Surveys
Environmental Engineering
Farm Management
Golf Course Turf Management
Quarries and Open Pit Mines


Digital Orthomosaics

Digital Terrain Models (DTM)

Digital Vector Data

NDVI Maps for Scouting and Crop health monitoring

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