Acuvec Geospatial Inc.

Low Altitude Aerial Surveys & Systems


About Us

Acuvec provides highly accurate and cost effective UAV Aerial Surveys, geospatial data acquisition and photogrammetric data processing services. We are a total aerial mapping solution providers and integrate all of the elements of aerial data acquisition through to image processing.

We hold the required Transport Canada Special Flight Operations Certificates allowing us to legally operate UAV’s for commercial purposes.

Our Partnership with JZAerial

We have partnered with JZAerial to provide aerial survey services throughout Western Canada. We offer high resolution Orthophotographs, Digital Terrain Models, 3D Feature Extraction, Volumetric Assessments and much more in industry standard GIS and CAD formats.



Our Services

Low-altitude aerial surveys for acquisition of 3-dimensional spatial and metric information by UAV drone for high-precision aerial surveys.

Acuvec offers unique ability to quickly and precisely perform highly detailed aerial surveys for smaller areas. Flying at low altitude and equipped with a high resolution camera we can produce orthomosaics and 3D models at resolution of 5cm GSD. The UAV Aerial Surveys are ideally suited for the following applications;

  • Engineering grade Topographic Surveys
  • Open Pit Mines 
  • Farms 
  • Golf Courses 
  • Environmental Engineering 


Photogrammetric and Geospatial data Processing services with fast turn-around, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

Once data collection is complete, fast and automatic data processing allows for speedy end product deliveries. Following Photogrammetry and Data Processing Services are provided.

  • Digital Elevation Models 
  • Digital Orthophotos 
  • Contouring and Volume Calculations 
  • NDVI Maps 
  • UAV Image Stitching 

Software Products

Acuvec Geospatial is the distributor for the industry standard Agisoft Photoscan and RACURS Photomod software in Canada.

agisoft canada

Ideally suited for small Unmanned Aerial Systems, Agisoft PhotoScan Professional allows you to generate high resolution georeferenced orthophotos and exceptionally detailed Digital Elevation Models. Thousands of aerial images can be processed on a desktop computer to produce professional class photogrammetric data.

Agisoft PhotoScan

Racurs Canada

PHOTOMOD software family comprises a wide range of products for photogrammetric processing of the remote sensing data which allow to extract geometrically accurate spatial information from almost any commercially available type of imagery obtained by film or digital cameras, high resolution satellite scanners and synthetic aperture radars.